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Compression springs are the most common and cost-effective way to store mechanical energy in the form of elastic strain and return that energy when required. Spring materials have a high elastic limit, good formability, relaxation, fatigue, and corrosion resistance.

Some common uses include:

They can be used in a number of sectors including:


How compression springs work?

Compression springs produce deflection by twisting the wire all around its spiral resulting in a linear axial deflection and as a result the wire is stressed in torsion. This twisting action, which occurs across the spring's cross section, is fundamental to its functionality.


Compression springs are extensively used springs in industry as they are robust, easy to assemble and cost-effective. They are manufactured in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of uses including cylindrical, conical, barrel and hourglass etc.  Their design can in most cases accommodate customer specific requirements regarding force, fatigue, environment, size, and cost etc.

Spring Material

Compression springs are manufactured from a variety of materials based on spring design & configuration requirements. Carbon steel, stainless steel, phosphor bronze & Nickel Alloy’s being the most popular.

The following factors need to be considered when selecting the correct material:

Purchasing compression springs.

Things to consider when purchasing:

All these factors need to be considered before purchasing any springs as they will really affect the performance of the spring.

Entex™ Compression Springs

Over seventy years’ experience of spring designing, and manufacturing technology has been incorporated in the formulation of the Entex™ stock compression spring range: Providing a comprehensive and unparalleled selection of standard sized compression and extension springs, torsion springs & die springs. Our website provides all the relevant information required for the selection of springs for all applications. Stock springs can be used as trials for quicker/easier development of bespoke springs if required or they can be used as a cost-effective alternative to bespoke springs in low volume applications.

Coil Springs Direct Ltd have extensive facilities for the supply and design of an infinite variety of the following: compression springs open coil helical springs, compression springs squared and ground, torsion springs, extension springs, bespoke custom springs, Spring clips, Spring Wire Clips, Spring Stampings, wire shapes, Complete Entex™ stock spring range. Flat Springs, Pressings, Clock springs, power springs, constant force springs, Special springs and much more. We have a vast range of over 1300 springs in stock, ready to deliver the next day.

If you would like to find out more about our spring range, or need assistance to find the right compression spring, please contact us. If you need a spring custom made to your requirements then you can find out more by visiting coilspringsolutions.com.

Coil Springs Direct Ltd Quality Certifications & Statement.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems

Certificate number: AJAEU/19/15641, Scope:

The design, processing, passivation and supply of coil springs, specialist, stampings and assemblies.

ISO 13485:2016 – Medical Devices

Certificate number: AJAEU/18/14007, Scope:

The design, processing, passivation and supply of coil springs, specialist, stampings and assemblies

Coil Springs direct ltd quality statement:

Our Mission is to give the customer what they want, when they want it.

Our aim is to always supply to our customers high quality, reliable and safe products that conform exactly to customer specifications and any other statutory or regulatory requirements relevant to the products supplied.

The QMS (Quality Management System) is key to the continual improvement cycle, helping to drive improvement throughout the business and enhance the service for our customers.

The QMS is based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 & ISO13485:2016 and the company is fully committed to fulfilling these requirements as well as product and client specific requirements or specifications.

We always aim to prevent potential and actual quality defects at the earliest stage to avoid problems for our customers.

We will formulate quality objectives that improve efficiency and add value for our customers and will provide satisfaction with regard to product quality, reliability, delivery and customer service.

Our policy and objectives will be communicated within our organisation and any other interested parties.

Graham Durnall, Managing Director

Issue 1 – 21st May 2018