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Medical Device Springs

Coil Springs Direct have been trusted suppliers of quality medical device springs to the medical sector for over a decade. We value the importance of supplying the ideal product and delivering on schedule for immediate use. We also export our medical device springs worldwide - to over a dozen countries.

Our springs are a vital component for a multitude of products that are used globally on a regular basis.


They are particularly essential for use in medical devices, as the quality of the springs can make the difference to the well-being and health of patients. Medical springs are a simple, yet extremely important part of the functionality of highly advanced equipment - used today by healthcare professionals in the UK and worldwide.

Medical Device Springs Size and Attributes

Our medical springs are required for a wide range of devices, for a variety of purposes and in many products. Because of this, our springs are available in all shapes and sizes and our flexible approach makes us the ideal supplier to the medical sector. Our springs can cope with a variety of demands such as heat resistance, strength and corrosion resistance. These can be vital attributes when being used with such valuable equipment. 

Tolerances & Value

Different products require varying spring tolerances depending on the use (hand-held surgical devices would require a tight tolerance spring for example). The selected materials also need to be affordable, as they will inevitably be included in the overall cost of the final product in which they are contained. This is a vital step, as the spring is just one of many important parts that determine the final cost of production of the medical parts.

Our springs are used in a variety of equipment including:


Compression springs are used for medical purposes as they are robust, easy to assemble and cost-effective. They can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate their many uses ... including cylindrical, conical, barrel and hourglass. Their design can accommodate bespoke requirements to cater for force, fatigue, environment, size, and cost. Contact Coil Springs Direct to find out more about our bespoke solutions.




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